Wedding Flower Decoration

Using the Seasons to Guide Your Wedding Flower Decoration

Whether you're having a spring, fall, summer, or even winter wedding, your flower decorations can be guided by season. Using seasons to guide your wedding flower decoration makes it easier for you to plan your centerpieces and bouquets, and can even be used to inform your color and design choices. It’s easy when you work with La Belle Fleur Floral & Decor.

Local, Seasonal Flowers Are Sustainable

Seasonal flowers are more sustainable and affordable, because they don't need to be sourced from out of town. When you work with us, you can rely on the superior quality of our flowers, and you don't need to worry about potential shortages or late procurement. When you work with out of season flowers, they have to be sourced — and while we will do our best to find what you need, it introduces an element of uncertainty you may not want in your wedding.

Furthermore, seasonal flowers are better for the environment, because they don't need to be shipped as far.


Seasonal Flowers Create a Theme

You can create an entire spring or fall theme based completely on the flowers that are available to you during that season. Not only does this provide you with plenty of inspiration for your colors and decor, but it makes the process of building your centerpieces and bouquets easier. You know that summer is often associated with bright, yellow sunflowers, and that spring is associated with tulips and daffodils. You can lean into these expectations for a comforting sort of theme, or use a less-known set of seasonal flowers to surprise and delight guests.

Consider taking a look at the wedding flowers Toronto florists have depending on season before you make any decisions on your decor. For more information, reach out to La Belle Fleur Floral & Decor to learn about our seasonal flower options.