Wedding Florist In Vaughan

  Getting Wedding Flowers That Match Your Personal Style

If you're looking for a wedding florist in Vaughan, you might be wondering how people decorate for their weddings. Flowers are a wide-open canvas of artistic expression, and it can be intimidating to try to sort through all the options available. When you work with an experienced florist like La Belle Fleur Floral & Decor, however, we can help you choose the perfect flowers to express yourself at your wedding.

You could always go with classic, serene white flowers. Many people expect these kinds of flowers at a wedding, and they have an air of tradition, romance, and virtue. White roses, daisies, and garlands can all be used to slightly different effects, while complementing each other as part of a snow-white whole. Light pinks and yellows can even be occasionally mixed in for a subtle splash of color, if you like.

Or, maybe you’re all about color! Bright pinks, reds, yellows, and blues are all possible, and can still convey that feeling of romance, excitement, and joy you are looking for. Imagine beautiful centerpieces of robustly colored pinwheels and peonies, or sweeping arches of pink roses.

We can even lean into heavily themed weddings, and provide excellent decoration for your special and unique event. Black and deep violet flowers make a great combination for gothic or horror themed weddings. Strings of hearts and lush ivies are perfect for naturalistic or fantasy themed weddings. 

Whatever wedding flowers in Vaughan you need, La Belle Fleur Floral & Decor is here to help. We love working closely with our clients to discover how to best fit their needs and bring their wedding fantasies to life. Call us today to learn more.